color collective press is a project in its early stages -- it currently exists to create independent art, prints, and political education materials for the people. while there isn't a physical storefront for this project, if there's enough support for it, its possible that one one day affording a small physical space and workshop.

this experiment was created by jarrod cann... jarrod is an artist, cultural worker, filmmaker / and director of the film good white people: a short film about gentrification

on supporting cultural work under capitalism

making independent art isn't without its contradictions, but it also isn’t cheap, easy, quick or often valued in any material sense -- yet artists still need to eat and pay rent. contemporary art, media and journalistic praxis, and cultural work more broadly is exploited in building social movements yet its often unstable and precarious at best. this project offers up a free library of downloadable zines and other resources, as well so your support is appreciated! right now the project hasn't really "broken even" from what costs to make, print, and ship the materials, so your support goes towards paying off debt from the costs of:

  • equipment: photo quality printers, shipping labels and label printers, sticker cutters, art & design software monthly fees, web and online store hosting fees, frequent equipment repairs & replacements, required upgrades, etc.
  • supplies: ink and toner cartridges, matte poster papers, sticker papers, recycled zine papers, shipping mailers, boxes, envelopes, and packaging, etc.
  • overhead: physical workspace for supplies and equipment to be organized and utilized, travel costs to repair or acquire equipment, wear and tear, utilized (electricity, wifi..) etc.
  • labor: paying a living wage for the energy and time given – not only to creating the art itself – but to the many trials and errors that are made and fixed in order to get to a final print piece of art 

and after all that, if there's anything left over to pay for the other costs of living, your support "buys the time" to work on and participate in other creative, organizing, and/or educational projects :)